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TechSynergy Limited specialise in the design and development of mechanical and electro-mechanical products and assemblies.

With considerable experience gained in the demanding field of military product design, TechSynergy are skilled in the use of diverse manufacturing technologies and materials for a wide range of product applications. Many applications require an innovative and sound approach to the design of precision mechanisms, ergonomics, function in extreme environments, environmental sealing, EMC and last but certainly not least, aesthetics - because most of the time if it looks right, it probably is.

Pan and tilt

High speed, high accuracy sensor platform
for long range military surveillance

TechSynergy considers that you may have a competitive edge if your product has at least one advantage - lower cost, superior function, looks better, enhanced reliability or maybe some other characteristic important to your product sector. The competitive edge is greater the more criteria you can satisfy and that’s where working with TechSynergy can be beneficial.

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