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Concept Design
After initial discussions and having established a clear understanding of your requirements, TechSynergy are able to provide innovative conceptual design options for consideration. Presented clearly as static illustrations and dynamic 3D Computer Aided Design renderings we can convey the design intent to you and your customer.

Consideration of the target market, technical specification, cost, selling price and various other critical factors is made at this time to ensure appropriate direction for the new development.

Detailed Design
Following on from the concept design phase, TechSynergy can elaborate the design to finalise greater detail. Usually undertaking a customer review at Preliminary and Critical Design stages, the design can be examined to ensure that the design objectives are being satisfied and that cost effective manufacture is achievable. The design is often subject to analysis of structural strength using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and animation or analysis of motion for function critical moving parts.

TechSynergy can produce detailed engineering drawings and Bills of Materials to unambiguously define component parts and assemblies for consistent manufacture.

Production engineering data
TechSynergy can produce 3D solids data i.e. IGES or STEP files for direct integration to Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. Such data facilitates the rapid development of CNC machining programs and Rapid Prototype production.

Prototyping can occur at various stages of development and serves a multiplicity of purpose. Often used in simplified form to materialise the design so that size, proportion or ergonomics may be assessed. Further, enhanced prototyping may be undertaken to facilitate practical testing of the product in respect of operation, strength, physical fit of parts within the assembly, fit of the assembly to external items or simply to enable the new product to be reviewed by the end user or your own customer at a less technical level.

TechSynergy can provide prototype components and assemblies using a variety of techniques including Rapid Prototyping processes where speed or complexity demand.

Photo Realistic Rendering
Utilising the 3D CAD model data it is possible to produce quite realistic, photograph quality representations of the proposed product even at the concept design stage of development. Of particular use in the production of advance marketing literature or in support of market survey this facility is particularly useful especially if prototypes are not commissioned or do not represent the final form or finish of your product.

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